Examples of my technologies:


MP3 Recorder

This recording technique does not need a media server. Recording and encoding to MP3 are all handled by the Flash file on the client. After the file has been encoded to MP3 format, you can download the audio file to your desktop.

Photo Taker

The Photo Taker is also a client-side program. Use your computer's webcam to take pictures, then download them to your desktop.


Javascript is a programming language that is included in web browsers. The language allows web pages to be interactive; checking user input and changing the content of the web page dynamically.

This web page makes use of Javascript to load the Flash file dynamically, to check for Flash compatibility, and for the functions below.

Restrict user input

Only the letters A-Z are allowed in this field:

This field only accepts numbers:

Input is restricted using Javascript. The keyboard event is bound using JQuery. A function detects user input, and evaluates what the user types with a regular expression. Only characters that pass the conditions of the regular expression are added to the input field.


JQuery is a framework written in Javascript that allows intricate interaction with the structure of the web page. You can do simple things like change the appearance of text and animate sections of the page. You can also make asynchronous calls to the server to update and retrieve data.

Edit in place
Click me to edit.

There are edit-in-place plugins for JQuery, but many are too extensive, and introduce new elements into the DOM. That can interrupt the layout of my document. So, I wrote a simpler edit-in-place function that does only what I needed.

Update data dynamically
ITEM Qty Price Total
Ice Cream

An imaginary budget for a birthday party. Click the numbers under Quantity and Price, then enter data in the table (using the Edit-in-Place technology). When you save the numbers, a Javascript function calculates the totals for each category, and gives you an updated grand total.


PHP is a programming language that creates HTML and returns it to the web browser as a web page. It is especially useful for interfacing with a MySQL database on the server. The combination of PHP and MySQL opens the possibility to create, save, display, and change data.

Beverage Poll

This example collects your response and saves it to a database on the server. The server-side script queries the database and gives the results of the survey.

An AJAX call communicates with the server asynchronously, and a Javascript function displays the results from the server in the same page, without needing to redirect to a different page, or reload this page.

Beer, wine or other?

Beer --
Wine --
Other --